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Sake福祝 特A山田錦29%赤釀純米大吟釀


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Fukuiwai was established in 1716 (Kyoho first year) while Japanese sake had always been drunk habitually by congratulatory event. The name was derived from the name the name of “Fukushuku.” The
name was taken by Seven Lucky Gods’ fortune, and the overlapping meaning of happiness.

Production loadage in koku (1koku= 100 one-sho bottle) is 300 koku (about 30,000 one-sho bottles). 54
kl. Fukuiwai is brewed by Kururi-no-Meisui (the noted water of the Kururi village) which gushes purely was dug up from several hundred meters depth by using well-sinking technology of the “Kazusa digging method” which had got across in Meiji era.
Chief sake brewer system (those who build alcohol specially) has been abolished, and now, three brothers are in charge of brewing sake. Keiko Tohei, mother of the three sons and also the president of the company. Kazuya Tohei, the eldest son, managing director. Norihisa Tohei, the middle son, manager of manufacture. Junzo Tohei, the third son, specializing in sales operation and manufacture.


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